The Wild Nature and Education

Wildliness of the planet can be defined as the natural existence or non-use of any particular species on earth. The saving of wild nature of the planet is therefore the most important task of human civilization these days. The effects of saving wildnature are many and broadly speaking they are concerned with two areas. These are environmental degradation of the entire world and preservation of the diversity of life on earth.

Today on account of increasing population the number of wild species is on the increase. In many parts of the world there is total depletion of the species of various categories. This has happened in some places like Australia, America, Canada and in some parts of Europe and Asia. In such a situation human beings have to play the role of protectors of the species by using various techniques like replanting trees, maintaining fences with the species of animals etc.

This has to be done in a more organized manner today. The planting of trees will not suffice, as they will only provide a shade or a covering for the soil. Also there should be an effort to preserve the species of wild plants and their habitat. Saving the species of wild animals, will also help in saving their lives in the long run.

Saving of wildlife has also a political aspect attached to it. For example in Africa there is a fierce debate going on about the breeding of lions. There are some countries that are very hostile towards this saving of the lion. On the other hand there are countries like Denmark, which has protected its own wildlife. Certain countries like Switzerland have made it their point to stop poaching of certain animals so that there is no harm caused to the wild life.

Another factor that is very crucial in saving of nature is education. Today, when the younger generation is inclined towards animal rights there is a definite need to bring education about saving of various species. This should be taught in schools so that young minds are well informed about the various animals on this planet. Education is very important especially today when there are various campaigns going on against poaching of different species.

Saving of nature helps us realize that there are various aspects of life that we should cherish and keep in mind. It also teaches us that we should not harm the nature. This can be done by various ways, one of which is stopping of the rampant tourism which is causing irreparable damage to nature. Also saving of nature can help us in saving our ecosystem.

There are many activities that we can engage in that will help in saving the wild animals. We can help in getting the habitat of the animals protected. Various organizations like World Wildlife Fund work towards ensuring that there is no overcrowding of the animals. Various organizations like World Wildlife Fund focuses on ensuring that the various species of animals are given enough space and that there is enough food available for them. This will ensure that there are no chances of them getting over hunted and that their survival is guaranteed.

Our interaction with nature helps us gain knowledge about our relationship with it. Our interaction helps us understand the various phases of life on earth. We can also become aware about the various threats that are caused by various species of animals. Education is a very important part of saving the wild nature. Educational institutes should teach children about nature conservation and how the natural resources can be fully utilized for our benefit.